Japanese Proverbs

by Maki Hayasaka

“A flower doesn’t speak.”

Japan is famous for the beauty of its culture and the modest grace of its people. In this collection of nearly 700 traditional proverbs, the very best of Japanese wisdom is on display, offering poignant, shrewd, and timeless insights into the human condition. Each proverb is provided in its original language, with hiragana, rōmaji, and English translations to unpack the wording and interpretations as faithfully as possible.

From love and fate to gender and spirituality, these age-old sayings cover every topic we face in life, with a humble, stoical, and nature-centered wit. For anyone with an interest in Japanese culture, don’t miss out on this window into the cultural thoughts of its people, from ancient times to the present.

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Length: 227 pages
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Sweet Desires

by Eric Slater & Kimberly Ann

Sweet Desires is a double volume of contemporary erotica. From sweet romances and first-time loves to wild nights and raunchy mornings, each of these tales will leave you hot and bothered for more!

Included are the following two bundles: Naughty by Nature by Eric Slater and Heart & Soul by Kimberly Ann.

If you’re looking for heat, you’ve found it here—with a touch of romance on the side!

Price: $4.59
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Proverbs from Around the World!

by Alex Shepard

“A child without education is like a bird without wings.”

Proverbs from Around the World is a massive collection of over 5,500 beloved proverbs that originate from over 40 different countries. From England and Italy to Tibet and Japan, the wisdom and wit that each culture has passed down from one generation to the next has been carefully selected and translated for this brand-new compilation. So dive in and enrich yourself with thousands of funny, shrewd, and insightful observations on the journey of life!

Price: $3.99
Length: 330 pages
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Total Japanese Grammar

by Maki Hayasaka

Total Japanese Grammar is a complete guide for anyone wanting to learn Japanese. Every topic is carefully explained in simple language to build on your knowledge as you progress, with detailed examples and guided activities. From verb forms and particles to making requests and using conditionals, this self-study course is all you need to master the rules for both casual and polite Japanese. The guide is designed for quick reference to every rule and offers more than 120 different activities to reinforce your learning as comprehensively as possible.

The ebook version also includes the Total Japanese Grammar vocabulary builder with over 1200 important words and kanji to help you express yourself fluently in everyday life.

Price: $8.99
Length: 343 pages
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Heart & Soul

by Kimberly Ann

Heart & Soul is a novella collection of lesbian erotica. From first-time experiences, to lovers who know just how to make their partners melt, each of these tales will warm your heart and remind you just how strong and sexy women are—as if there was ever any doubt.

This bundle includes the following stories:

The Delivery Girl
Give & Take
Drive Me Wild
Xs & Os

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Naughty by Nature

by Eric Slater

Naughty by Nature is a novella collection of erotic stories. Each one follows the romantic adventures of two sisters, Emily and Erica, as they tackle life and love head on.

The following stories are included in this bundle:

Room Service
The Sweetest Thing

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Easy English!

by Alex Shepard

Easy English! is your key to writing with style and confidence.

Whether you need a slight refresher on getting your commas and colons right, or a step-by-step guide to help you tackle tricky hyphens in compound adjectives, Easy English! has got you covered!

Written as a concise guide and reference book, Easy English! breaks down all the important rules you need to know. With abundant examples along the way, it explains each aspect of punctuation in simple English, making it perfect for easy study. And at the end, a quiz with over 200 questions will help make sure you know how to craft a perfect sentence every time.

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