Proofreading Service

At Rockwaller Books, we provide full support to anyone in need of professional proofreading. Whether your work is a blog post, a short story, or a full-length novel, we’re here to find and fix any mistakes that might be hiding in your writing.

Our rates are given below, but we’ll first assess a short sample of your writing (typically 1 000 words) for free to check that the service is right for you.

Since we cater to clients from around the world, we are very comfortable working with both British and American English. Simply let us know your requirements, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Services Rates Estimated Pace
Proofreading $2.99 per page 9–13 pages per hour

Manuscript assessments:
7 000 words or fewer $34.99 1 week
7 001–20 000 words $54.99 1 week
20 001–40 000 words $84.99 2 weeks
40 001–60 000 words $104.99 2 weeks
60 001–80 000 words $134.99 2–3 weeks
80 001–100 000 words $154.99 2–3 weeks

Express service $99.99 Ready in 1 week

* One page is equal to 250 words.


We know that professional editing is often too expensive for independent writers, so our proofreading service is tailored to provide an extra level of help to polish your writing.

In addition to correcting all mechanical errors (like typos and misplaced punctuation), we will also highlight problematic elements in the style and construction of the writing itself. This is particularly valuable for authors who intend to self-publish but find the cost of copy-editing prohibitive.

Manuscript assessments

For manuscript assessments, we will provide a 750–1 000 word report on the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript. This feedback will include detailed suggestions that the author can use to further improve and polish their book for today’s market.

For example, here are a few of the important aspects we’ll focus on for you:

  • Are your characters well-developed and engaging?
  • Is your writing style effective for your target market?
  • Is the plot well-structured and believable?
  • Are your characters suitably motivated and consistent?
  • Does the narrative have a satisfying pace?

Our manuscript assessment will provide you with detailed, personalized feedback on how to raise the quality of your writing or story to a professional level. For self-publishing authors, this assessment can give your book that extra guidance it needs for commercial success.

Please note our terms and conditions for proofreading and manuscript assessments.


To book your proofread or manuscript assessment, contact us at the following address:

Work hours

8:00–17:30, Mondays to Saturdays (GMT+2)

We look forward to hearing from you!