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For Children

1. Children’s Books about Adoption
2. Delightfully Weird Children’s Books
3. Classic Children’s Books Not to Miss

For Teens

1. Romance Books for Teens
2. Vampire Books for Teens

For Adults

1. The Best Books of 2018
2. Erotic Stories: Exploring the Genre
3. 10 Steamy Romance Novels
4. Best-Selling Romance Books: January 2019
5. The Best Books of 2019


1. Learn Japanese
2. How Long Does It Take to Learn Kanji?
3. Traditional Japanese Proverbs
4. Japanese Slang
5. Japanese Onomatopoeia Dictionary
6. Japanese Onomatopoeia Lists


1. Fantasy Books with Lesbian Romances
2. Gay Romance in Fantasy Books
3. LGBT Fantasy Books

Proverbs & Idioms

1. International Proverbs & Idioms
2. Japanese Proverbs
3. Let’s Learn Chengyu!
4. Chinese Idioms: Chengyu
5. The Chinese Idiom Dictionary: Vol. 1


1. Becoming by Michelle Obama
2. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
3. Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey


1. The Best Books to Help with Anxiety
2. Books to Spice Up Your Sex Life
3. Books to Help with Depression
4. The Best Relationship Books for Couples

Writing & Grammar

1. Easy English: Grammar and Punctuation Rules
2. How Long Is the Average Novel?
3. Tricky English Phrases: Mistakes to Avoid
4. 10 Handy Proofreading Tips
5. Common English Mistakes: Tricky Phrases
6. How to Use Adjectives
7.  How to Use Imperatives
8. How to Use Direct and Indirect Speech
9. How to Use Modal Verbs
10. What Are Indirect Questions?
11. How to Use Future Perfect Tense