The Chinese Idiom Dictionary: Vol. 1

A Resource for Learning Chengyu The Chinese Idiom Dictionary by Mei Li and Maki Hayasaka is a massive collection of traditional chengyu, carefully organized for easy reference. Each idiom is provided in its traditional form, with both Pinyin and English translations accompanying them. In addition, every expression has a detailed note of its traditional source Read More

Proverbs & Idioms

Bite Your Tongue by Alex Shepard Over 9 400 slang words and phrases from English varieties around the world! Bite Your Tongue is a comprehensive collection of English slang from around the world, with helpful regional differences and usage notes. From the latest lingo on social media and gaming platforms like Twitch, to indecipherable text Read More

Delightfully Weird Children’s Books

Don’t skip these delightfully weird children’s books: There are few genres with as much freedom to be creative and wonderfully weird as children’s books. From magical mishaps and philosophizing animals to food falling out of the sky, it’s a world where our imaginations are allowed to run wild, untethered by reality. Of course, when it Read More