The Sweetest Thing

by Eric Slater

It’s never easy going home—especially not for Emily.

For the first time as an adult, Emily feels like things are finally falling into place for her. Life is good, her work is great, and waking up with the man she loves is better than ever.

There’s just one problem looming ahead: a dinner date to introduce her boyfriend to her little sister and estranged parents. Honestly, it all might be too much for her—unless she finds a way to relax.

Part of the Sweet Desires collection.


by Eric Slater

Emily had always been quiet and shy. But that had slowly started to change since meeting Kevin. He made her want to do the things she had only ever dreamed about.

So summoning all the courage she had, she planned a surprise for Valentine’s Day: a private, unforgettable show for the man who filled her fantasies.

Part of the Sweet Desires collection.

Room Service

by Eric Slater

When Adam orders room service from a cute young receptionist, he isn’t sure exactly where the night is going.

But by the time the sun comes up, it won’t be one that either of them will soon forget.

*     *     *

He padded across the dim room and opened the door.

There was Erica, tray in hand and grinning at him. His eyes traveled over her quickly, taking in her tight black skirt and small figure.

“It isn’t much,” she apologized, “but I didn’t want to keep you waiting.”

Part of the Sweet Desires collection.


by Eric Slater

Six beautiful slaves. One rich master.

And one young girl who will rise to stand at his side above all the others.

All stories in the Slave series can be read independently. They simply form an ongoing universe.