Proverbs from Around the World!

Proverbs from Around the World!

by Alex Shepard

“A child without education is like a bird without wings.”

Proverbs from Around the World is a massive collection of over 5,500 beloved proverbs that originate from over 40 different countries. From England and Italy to Tibet and Japan, the wisdom and wit that each culture has passed down from one generation to the next has been carefully selected and translated for this brand-new compilation. So dive in and enrich yourself with thousands of funny, shrewd, and insightful observations on the journey of life!

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Length: 330 pages
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9 thoughts on “Proverbs from Around the World!

    • Rockwaller Books says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Yeah, it’s always interesting to get a cultural perspective on a country or people through their language. And as different as they often are, it’s also surprising how similar a lot of the ideas can be.

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