Bite Your Tongue

Bite Your Tongue

by Alex Shepard

Over 9 400 slang words and phrases from English varieties around the world!

Bite Your Tongue is a comprehensive collection of English slang from around the world, with helpful regional differences and usage notes. From the latest lingo on social media and gaming platforms like Twitch, to indecipherable text messages and cell-phone speak, to old expressions from centuries past, this dictionary is a fascinating resource on how different people, from wildly different walks of life, communicate with each other in their daily lives.

It is a tribute to the weird and wonderful nature of language, which continues to evolve every day, and does so now at a faster pace than ever before. So don’t get left in the digital dust: dive right in with Bite Your Tongue and gain access to a side of English you won’t learn in a classroom!

Advisory: In an effort to capture real language the way it is used, please note that this dictionary contains vocabulary that is not suitable for young learners.

Formats: ebook and paperback
Price: $6.99

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2 thoughts on “Bite Your Tongue

  1. Mikaela says:

    Ah, this helps a lot! English on the internet is so different from what we learn in class. I thought I was just really bad at understanding it 🙂

    • Rockwaller Books says:

      Hi Mikaela,
      We’re glad to hear you found this useful! English can be a very weird but wonderful language, so we’re happy to help learners discover more about it than they usually learn in formal classes!

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