The Chinese Idiom Dictionary: The Complete Collection

The Chinese Idiom Dictionary: The Complete Collection

by Mei Li & Maki Hayasaka

All 3 volumes in 1 massive collection!

The Chinese Idiom Dictionary is an enormous resource of over 4,100 traditional chengyu, carefully organized for easy reference. Each idiom is provided in its traditional form, with both Pinyin and English translations accompanying them. In addition, every expression has a detailed note of its traditional source to give readers a deeper understanding of the context that surrounds and informs each saying, faithfully preserved in Chinese.

For anyone with an interest in Chinese language, culture, or philosophy, don’t miss out on this authoritative resource!

The Chinese Idiom Dictionary features:

* Over 4,100 Chinese chengyu and idiomatic sayings!
* Pinyin and English translations!
* Detailed notes for the context of each phrase!
* Alphabetical organization for easy reference!
* Thousands of insights into classical Chinese literature!
* For the first time, all three volumes collected in one special edition!

Price: $9.99
Length: 835 pages
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